Scotland's Golf Coast




web design / ux

Scotland's Golf Coast is a nationally renowned area for golf tourism, located in East Lothian, Scotland. SGC operates by committee, selling 'play & stay' packages that can be tailored to suit a party's needs. East Lothian's golf coast stretches just 30 miles, but within that is not only the world's first ever golf course, but a total of 21 golf courses. They needed a website that could not only serve their existing client base more efficiently, but that could also be promote Scotland's incredible golf tourism to an international audience.

The main objective of the site was to increase awareness of SGC, and to then promote and sell their fantastic 'stay & play' packages. This required a lot of technical work in the back end of the site in order to accommodate booking systems, third party links/information (such as to golf course websites etc) and to be easily updated/managed by a committee. My main objective was then to create a structure for the site that could be easily understood not just by the client, but by the users themselves. This was achieved by creating two templates - one for a golf course, and one for an accommodation provider - with specific sections in each that could be clearly defined and understood by the users, and could be expanded upon or hidden by the client if the information was not necessary. As well as this, I created a system of colour coded call to actions and overall sleek and sophisticated aesthetic that allowed a user of any language to easily navigate the site and book a package.


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