Frenchy's Beauty Boutique




re-branding / web design

Frenchy's is a well established beauty boutique with two salons in Edinburgh. They had just renovated their salons when they came to Design33 for a modern website that fitted in with their brand. After researching their salons and client base, my first objective was to define the Frenchy's brand. This began with redrawing the logo, cleaning up the flourishes and loops of the letters to make it scalable and web/mobile ready. And then creating a set of brand guidelines to establish their colour palette and illustrative elements, which together all tie in with the renovated salons.

Their previous website lacked personality and didn't speak directly to their users - something that I established early on in the discovery sessions, that was very important to Frenchy's. I achieved this mainly through tone of voice, and pairing that tone with bold headings and handwritten style comments. I kept the structure of the site very simple, very easy to navigate and really paid attention to how the user would want to view the key pieces of information - book an appointment, social media links and opening times. I contrasted the sharp, elegant white and gold background with splashes of the Frenchy's watercolour flowers, creating a feminine and chic aesthetic.


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