Chiene & Tait



web design / branding

Chiene + Tait has been a national financial advisor in the U.K. for over 100 years, with headquarters based in Edinburgh. They needed a website that reflected their growth, heritage and authority without compromising on their internal values of sharing knowledge and being understanding of their customers' needs. At the core of this design, is a personality.

After workshopping with the team at C+T, we established that users on the previous site felt overwhelmed and confused by the enormous amount of content the site contains, and really just wanted to talk to someone. My solution, was to first organise the content structure more clearly - introducing side bars and accordion sections, to allow the user to quickly navigate each page. And secondly, to give this massive company a friendly face, a sense of personality. This was achieved by introducing several elements - people tabs, to serve both the user and C+T. It allows internal staff at C+T to keep track of which team members are responsible for which sections (something that was expressed as a problem during our discovery sessions with C+T) And it allows the users of the site to immediately get in touch with the correct people as needed. I also introduced a large search feature on the homepage which immediately greets the user when they first land on the homepage with a friendly "Hello, how can we help you today?" This allows the user to easily navigate to information that they're looking for and also establishes C+T's understanding and friendly nature.